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STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor manufacturer, is a leader in NFC with offerings in controllers and secure elements as well as the ST25 family of NFC tag and reader ICs.

How NFC can enhance healthcare and wellness experiences

Healthcare and wellness

Learn how NFC can improve user experience and add functionality in medical electronics and wellness devices — with examples and sample use cases. Sponsored by STMicroelectronics.

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Smart supply chain monitoring

Learn how NFC can provide simple and robust smart monitoring solutions that ensure product quality and environmental safety at every stage of the supply chain. Sponsored by STMicroelectronics.

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covershot how nfc can enhance connectivity in smart monitoring
Covershot How NFC can enhance smart home experiences

NFC for smart homes

Learn how NFC can enhance, simplify and secure smart home products — from configuration and personalisation during manufacture to commissioning, usage and maintenance. Sponsored by STMicroelectronics

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Find out how NFC can be used to support sustainability throughout a product’s life cycle, from manufacturing to in-store, at home, resale and recycling. White paper sponsored by STMicroelectronics.

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'How NFC can help your business become more sustainable' white paper cover
Romain Pardo, STMicroelectronics

Support for brands

STMicroelectronics has introduced a service that gives brands access to the guidance they need to easily integrate NFC technology into new products, the company’s Romain Pardo explains in this webinar. Sponsored by STMicroelectronics.

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ST NFC products

ST offers a comprehensive range of HF RFID/NFC products, including the ST25 family of NFC/RFID tags, dynamic NFC tags and NFC/RFID readers, ST21 NFC controllers and ST33/ST54 secure microcontrollers.

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NFC user experience

Discover how best to use NFC tags to engage customers more effectively and raise the profile of consumer goods products and brands. Sponsored by STMicroelectronics.

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Fighting fakes

Find out how digital signatures in NFC and RFID tags can be used to provide end-to-end protection against counterfeiting throughout the supply chain. Sponsored by STMicroelectronics.

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Covershot: 'TruST25 Digital Signature: Authenticity with ST25 NFC/RFID tags'
How can NFC add value to your brand and enhance the user experience?

Add brand value with NFC

Find out how brands can use NFC readers and tags to create new customer experiences, including products that recognise multiple users and adjust to their preferences automatically. Sponsored by STMicroelectronics

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Blockchain and NFC

Learn how NFC/RFID tags can be combined with blockchain technology to create secure, end-to-end global supply chains. Sponsored by STMicroelectronics.

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Covershot: Smarter end-to-end supply chains: Combining blockchain and NFC/RFID technologies
Rene Wutte from STMicroelectronics

NFC on the road

Discover the wide range of automotive industry use cases for NFC, from digital keys to vehicle diagnostics and more, in this 32-minute webinar featuring Rene Wutte from STMICROELECTRONICS and NFCW’s editor Sarah Clark.

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NFC Type 5 tags

Watch this webinar to learn about NFC Type 5, the NFC-RFID crossover technology that gives longer range ‘vicinity’ communication with dedicated reader hardware and also allows ‘proximity’ interaction with a smartphone.

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ST NFC Forum Type 5 tags webinar
ST NFC Forum certification

Contactless payments

The ST25R3916 is an NFC Forum certified high performance NFC universal device designed for use in EMVCo 3.0 contactless POS terminals and a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications.

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