Quickly and easily deploy the latest digital payments, contactless acceptance and mobile ticketing technologies with Dejamobile’s white label SaaS solutions.

SoftPOS case study

Trust Payments‘ Russel Fernandes (pictured) and Dejamobile‘s Pavel Vasilyev share the lessons learned from developing a softPOS solution for large and small merchants across Europe. Webinar and slidedeck, sponsored by Dejamobile.

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Russel Fernandes
Dejamobile's "digital payments made simple" corporate presentation

Dejamobile at a glance…

Learn how issuer and acquirer banks, fintechs, payfacs and merchant service providers can use DEJAMOBILE’S white label digital payments solutions to implement innovative contactless payment acceptance and mobile wallet services. Sponsored by Dejamobile.

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Software POS

A new generation of software-only solutions that let merchants accept contactless payments on standard NFC devices will “transform digital payment acceptance and consumers’ checkout experiences in stores,” this 22-page white paper explains. Sponsored by Dejamobile.

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Dejamobile's 'Driving wider adoption of digital payments at the point of sale' white paper
Dejamobile - softpos use cases

SoftPos use cases

SoftPos technology brings ubiquity and extreme flexibility to contactless payment acceptance. Find out about the new use cases that software-only payment acceptance can enable.

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PCI certification

Dejamobile has received PCI CPoC certification for its white label ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants solution, enabling merchants around the world to be provided with the ability to accept contactless payments on standard Android NFC devices.

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Dejamobile PCI certification
Iða Brá Benediktsdóttir, managing director of retail banking at Arion Bank

Integrated HCE payments

“We want to maintain our status as the leading financial app of Iceland. Including mobile payments within the app is a key part of achieving that.”

Iða Brá Benediktsdóttir, MD of retail banking at Dejamobile customer Arion Bank

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Crédit Agricole picks Deja

Crédit Agricole du Languedoc is using Dejamobile’s ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants platform to enable contactless payments on standard Android NFC phones.

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Dejamobile and Credit Agricole
Dejamobile and Trust Payments

Trust Payments partnership

Omnichannel payments leader Trust Payments has selected Dejamobile as its technology partner for a new software-only payments acceptance service for merchants across Europe.

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NFC payments in Africa

The Morocco-based bank is using Dejamobile’s ReadyToTap Payment platform to launch the first NFC mobile payment service of its kind in Africa.

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Dejamobile and CIH Bank
Île-de-France Mobilités’ ViaNavigo, powered by Dejamobile

NFC ticketing

Dejamobile’s ReadyToTap Mobility technology is used by Paris regional transportation authority Île-de-France Mobilité to provide passengers with both NFC mobile ticketing and Calypso transit card loading.

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