About the NFCW Knowledge Centre

The NFCW Knowledge Centre provides readers with in-depth information on the emerging technologies that are transforming how consumers choose what to buy, who to buy from, and how to pay.

Information is provided in a variety of formats and is categorized in a number of ways to help you quickly and easily navigate the site. The NFCW Expo homepage is the best place to find out what is available.

Access to the information in the Knowledge Centre is available free of charge to members via a one-time registration process. Simply enter your details here to get one-click access to a wealth of case studies, webinars, research reports, technical papers and more.

How we use your information

Websites typically require readers to enter their details each time they wish to download a white paper, attend a webinar or access other valuable information.

These details are then sent to the information provider so that they can follow up with relevant readers to see if they have any questions or would like to know more about their products and services.

Membership of the NFCW Knowledge Centre means that you do not have to enter your details every time.

Instead, when you access a particular piece of information — by clicking the ‘download’ button on a white paper, for example — a record is made of the fact that you have requested access to it.

Our platform keeps track of which members access each item available in the NFCW Knowledge Centre. We use this data for product development and to work out what kind of information members are most likely to be interested in receiving in the future.

We may also share this information with the provider of an item of information you access and/or the sponsor of a webinar, white paper or other information that you obtain.

In this instance, details are retrieved from your user profile and forwarded to the information provider or sponsor, saving you the time and effort involved in entering this information afresh every time you wish to access a piece of information.

Please note: Your information is only ever shared with a company providing, contributing to or sponsoring an item you access — we never make your details available to a company that you have not already interacted with. The source of any particular item is always clearly identified.

Further details are available in the terms and conditions that readers agree to when joining NFCW.

Can I keep my details private?

We understand that some users may need to keep their information private for commercial or other reasons.

You can ensure your information is never shared with our partners, sponsors or others by paying an anonymity fee that covers the cost of the service we provide. The current annual fee is £395.

Please contact [email protected] to set up this option.

Do I need to provide accurate information?

It is important that you provide accurate information when you sign up for membership of the NFCW Knowledge Centre, and that you keep whatever information you have provided up to date while you remain a member.

All registrations are verified manually and you risk having your membership suspended if you do not provide accurate details. If we believe your information is not complete or accurate we may suspend your access to further material until you visit your profile page and update the information we hold.

You can check and change your profile at any time here.

Your privacy

Your information and your interactions with this service are protected at all times with a secure SSL/HTTPS connection.

We do not ask for or store any financial information or sensitive personal data.

We take your privacy seriously so you can be sure that we will look after the information you supply. You can find out more about what information we hold and how we safeguard and process it in our privacy policy.

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