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Whether you’re a new startup looking to connect with your first customers, a growth company on the fast-track to worldwide success or a major enterprise seeking to maximise your market leadership, working with NFCW is the single most effective way to reach, influence and connect with contactless technology buyers around the world — guaranteed.

Opportunities to build your brand, share your news, generate leads and participate in our Contactless World Congress online event series are available to suit everyone from the smallest startup to the largest enterprise, and you can get started for just £895.

How we work

NFCW tracks and reports on the latest developments in contactless communications, from core enabling technologies like contactless cards, mobile wallets, NFC, RFID, QR, biometrics and UWB to contactless payments, credentials, ticketing, and beyond. 

  • Readers can easily keep up-to-date with the latest news by visiting our home page or signing up for our email newsletter service.
  • They can also register as a member of our Knowledge Centre to access a wealth of in-depth educational resources, including our Contactless World Congress online event series.
  • All our webinars, white papers, conference presentations, live events and more are available to members at no cost. Premium research and consulting services are also available for members who choose to upgrade to our Inner Circle membership tier.
  • Membership is free of charge. New members complete a short application form that includes their contact details and business information and permission to share their details with the sponsors of any information they choose to access.
  • Suppliers can then quickly and easily reach, influence and connect with potential new customers by sharing their thought leadership, customer case studies or technical expertise with our members, running a promotional campaign or joining us as the sponsor of an event or research study.
  • They can also leverage the expertise and connections of the NFCW team for off-site activities, ranging from one-off consulting assignments to year-round sales, marketing, PR and strategy support.

Meet our audience

With more than 13,000 members located in 152+ countries, NFCW is home to the world’s largest community of contactless technology buyers and suppliers — all actively interested in learning about new products and services and the latest trends in the market.

  • More than 50,000 people visit our website every month to read the latest news and there are more than 19,000 opt-in subscribers to our email newsletters.
  • 69% of our members are management level and above. Typical job titles include heads of card issuing, innovation, payments and mobile plus technical specialists, project managers, strategy leaders, C-suite executives, and more.
  • 51% of our members work for companies with 100+ employees. They include banks, card issuers, payments providers, merchants, brands, transportation operators and government agencies, as well as mobile network operators, handset manufacturers, policy makers, investors, and channel/ecosystem partners.
  • NFCW’s members come from right across the world. One-third are based in the Americas, one-third in Europe and one-third in Asia Pacific and beyond.

Whatever kind of company you are looking to reach, wherever they are in the world, the chances are your target customer is already a member of NFCW — or we can quickly and easily connect with them on your behalf.

A word cloud of company names: Executives from these organisations and thousands more are members of NFCW
Executives from these organisations and thousands more are members of NFCW

Solutions for every target and every budget

Our sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are tailor-made to let you take full advantage of our online format to cost-effectively reach, influence and engage with potential customers right around the world — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every week of the year.

  • Promote: Launch your new product, or your new company, in style with an NFCW site takeover campaign.
    • You’ll have exclusivity across all our banner advertising spots on both our website and our email newsletters for a week, ensuring all eyes are on you and your product — and your message is received loud and clear. £3,000.
  • Educate: Appoint a senior executive or technical leader to our Panel of Experts so they can share their thought leadership or technical expertise with our audience.
    • Each expert is able to work with the NFCW team throughout the year to record conference presentations, join live Ask the Experts sessions or contribute opinion pieces and feature articles.
    • Membership of the NFCW Panel of Experts is available as a standalone service. It can also be combined with a presence in the NFCW Expo to generate engagement reports for all your experts’ activities, or with sponsorship of Contactless World Congress to maximise your visibility throughout the year. £3,000/year.
  • Exhibit: Join the NFCW Expo and you’ll be able to showcase your products and services in our online exhibition hall throughout the year.
    • We’ll write a news article to introduce you and your products to our readers and you will then also be able to share news about new launches, new features and customer wins with NFCW’s readers throughout the year.
    • You’ll also be able to record a presentation introducing you and your products and services to our audience, get your logo included in our NFCW Expo banner advertising campaigns and upload white papers and webinar recordings to our NFCW Knowledge Centre.
    • We’ll then send you a report every month with the details of all the members who have engaged with the content you’ve made available in our Knowledge Centre, so you can follow up with your new connections — and see exactly who you are reaching — just like you would at an in-person event. £3,540/year.
  • Sponsor: Join us as a sponsor of our Contactless World Congress online events series and you’ll be able to associate your brand with the world’s leading event in the field.
    • Join us year-round as a payments, credentials, transit ticketing or global sponsor and you’ll receive prominent branding across Contactless World Congress plus the opportunity for a senior executive to record a keynote presentation. You’ll be able to link your brand with all the VIP speakers who present in your stream right across the year, and enjoy on-screen thanks as an enabling sponsor of each presentation. £12,000/year per stream.
    • There’s also one opportunity to join us as the headline sponsor of Contactless World Congress and opportunities through the year to sponsor a one-off webinar or series of events dedicated to the needs of your particular target market. Contact us for details.
  • Partner: Join our Partner Program and the NFCW team will work with you to create a bespoke, year-round program of activities that are tailor-made to maximise awareness of your products and services, educate the market about what makes you different, connect you with potential new customers and meet your business goals.
    • You’ll have full access to all our advertising, sponsorship and exhibition opportunities and a dedicated account manager who will work with you and the NFCW editorial team throughout the year to co-ordinate your activities and ensure you generate maximum interest from your target market.
    • You will get a showcase in the NFCW Expo, so you can share your news and your content with our audience throughout the year, and you’ll also get sponsor status at Contactless World Congress.
    • All the content you add to our Knowledge Centre will be extensively promoted across NFCW via dedicated email blasts to our members and banner advertising campaigns on our website and in our email newsletters, ensuring you get the maximum possible engagement from all your activities.
    • This is the gold standard promotional opportunity, firmly positioning your company as a leader in your market and building visibility, trust and reputation all year round. From £18,000/year.
  • Consult: Leverage the expertise of the NFCW team and our global network of independent PR, marketing, business development and strategy advisors to get market-leading input on all your go-to-market activities.
    • Consulting assignments can range from one-hour briefing sessions with an in-market business development consultant to copy writing projects, webinar production, content marketing activities, and more. Contact us for pricing.

Get started for just £895

New customers can get started with NFCW for just £895. Book now and we’ll work with you to put together a one-off activity that will give you a taste of how we work and the results you will be able to achieve.

There’s a wide array of choices available and you’ll get one-to-one input from our Editor on the type of activity that will best achieve your goals.

Options available include:

  • Join us for an NFCW Studio Day to record a conference presentation for Contactless World Congress
  • Sponsor a Contactless World Congress presentation delivered by an invited speaker — or a market insight paper authored by a leading expert in the field
  • Contribute a technical, thought leadership or case study article to the NFCW Knowledge Centre
  • Spread the word about your new product or your new company via a Meet the Innovators video, audio, or slide deck presentation
  • Or share a white paper or your own webinar recording with our members

All our options include a news article that will be published on NFCW, included in our email newsletters and promoted to our followers on social media.

Once you’ve seen how we work and you’re happy with your results, you’ll then have the opportunity to book additional one-off activities at our standard rates — or apply your starter activity fee as a credit towards the cost of joining us year-round.

Get started

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