Contactless World Congress

Contactless World Congress

Join NFCW and our 13,000 members from across the world to explore the future of contactless payments, credentials, ticketing and beyond.

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Contactless World Congress is home to a year-round series of online events and educational resources. Attendance is free of charge for members of the NFCW Knowledge Centre. Log in or join now to get your free membership. You will then have one-click access to all the events and resources below.

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Transdev Netherlands' Innovation & Business Development Manager, Boy Hendriks

Hands-free transit ticketing

Boy Hendriks of Transdev Netherlands reports on a hands-free transport ticketing pilot that is taking place in the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

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The Instant Payment Card

Alain Martin, president of the Smart Payment Association, explains how a new concept dubbed ‘The Instant Payment Card’ could hold the answer to the successful introduction of a pan-European instant payments system.

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Smart Payment Association president Alain Martin
The European Central Bank's Evelien Witlox

Digital euro

Evelien Witlox, the programme director in charge of the European Central Bank’s digital euro project, reports on the current status and next steps in Europe’s digital currency journey.

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Next-generation cards

Linxens’ Thomas Decker reports on the state of play and outlook for next-gen contactless cards, including biometric cards, display cards, dynamic CVVs, sustainable substrates, and more. Sponsored by Linxens.

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Linxens' Thomas Decker
The NFC Forum's Mike McCamon

What’s next in NFC

NFC Forum executive director Mike McCamon reveals what’s coming next in NFC technology, including an increased transaction range, multipurpose taps, new data formats, expanded wireless charging power, and more.

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The future of digital car keys

Find out what the future holds for digital car keys in this audio interview with Daniel Knobloch, vice president of the Car Connectivity Consortium and wireless systems architect at BMW of North America

Car Connectivity Consortium vice president Daniel Knobloch
Celent's Zil Bareisis

What’s next in contactless payments

Zil Bareisis, head of retail banking and payments at research and advisory firm Celent, reports on the latest developments in contactless payments and their implications for banks and card issuers.

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Keynote: EMVCo

EMVCo‘s director of engagement and operations and the chair of the EMVCo Board of Managers report on the future of contactless payments. Slide deck and video now available.


Brian Byrne, EMVCo
Jonathan Main, EMVCo
Russel Fernandes

SoftPOS case study

Trust Payments‘ Russel Fernandes (pictured) and Dejamobile‘s Pavel Vasilyev share the lessons learned from developing a softPOS solution for large and small merchants across Europe. Webinar and slidedeck, sponsored by Dejamobile.

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Future - Photo by Reimond de Zuniga on Unsplash

Key concepts

Join our executive briefing sessions to get an in-depth understanding of the technologies that underpin the successful delivery of contactless solutions, including contactless cards, mobile wallets, digital card issuing, NFC tags and devices, EMV, biometrics, RFID, QR, UWB, and more.

Transportation - Photo by Chuttersnap on Unsplash

Vertical market insights

Attend sessions dedicated to contactless payments, mobile banking, digital credentials, smart packaging, transit ticketing and more to uncover the opportunities and challenges faced by consumer-facing organisations developing contactless solutions for key vertical markets.

Live Q&As

Get the answers to your questions in live Q&A sessions with our editors and leading experts in the field. Understand best practice, find out where the market is heading and get solutions to your technical, operational and business development queries.

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Get involved

A microphone


Our call for speakers is now open. Apply today to take part in live and pre-recorded webinars, panel discussions, product launches, executive briefings, technical tutorials, case studies, market insights, thought leadership sessions, interviews, live Q&As, and more – all in a fully remote format.

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Contactless World Congress provides an unrivalled opportunity to raise your visibility with buyers, influencers, decision makers and technical specialists from 152+ countries. Find out how our sponsorship and exhibition opportunities can help you reach your target market.

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Join our Panel of Experts to build your international profile and generate new consulting, training and referral revenues. Host conference sessions, deliver tutorials and provide attendees with paid-for training, consulting and business development support.

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Resource library


Find out how NFC can be used to support sustainability throughout a product’s life cycle, from manufacturing to in-store, at home, resale and recycling. White paper sponsored by STMicroelectronics.

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'How NFC can help your business become more sustainable' white paper cover
Covershot: NFC authentication token in MaaS applications

NFC authentication for MaaS

Discover how NFC can be used for authentication in mobility-as-a-service applications, including detailed walk-throughs of solutions for six use cases covering buses, trains and retail.

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