Linxens is at the core of the constantly-evolving smartcard market, the global leader in the design and manufacture of microconnectors, inlays and antennas

Next-generation cards

Linxens’ Thomas Decker reports on the state of play and outlook for next-gen contactless cards, including biometric cards, display cards, dynamic CVVs, sustainable substrates, and more. Sponsored by Linxens.
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Linxens' Thomas Decker
Linxens biometric cards

Biometric cards

Learn why Linxens has established a world-class global biometric competence center with a €5m investment in a biometric sensor assembly workshop in Mantes-la-Jolie, France.

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Wooden cards

Find out about our plastic-free RFID access card, with a copper antenna embedded in wood harvested from sustainably managed European forests.

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Linxens wooden cards
Linxens contactless car keys

Contactless car keys

Find out how Linxens has developed a thinner and lighter contactless digital car key, in the familiar bank card form factor, while ensuring it is robust, reliable and secure.

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CEO insight

Bank cards — often the only physical link between financial institutions and their customers — are here to stay, Linxens president and chief executive Cuong H Duong explains in an article first published in La Tribune.

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Linxens president and CEO Cuong H Duong
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