Fidesmo makes it possible to securely connect passive and active devices to contactless services including payments, public transport tickets and access control.

Wearable payments

FIDESMO PAY enables banks to offer a secure and convenient wearable payment solution to their customers, by letting them make contactless payments using NFC-enabled devices such as keychains, watches and more.

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Fidesmo Pay in action
Fidesmo Go

Transport ticketing

FIDESMO GO makes private and public transport ticketing as seamless as it can be. Fidesmo provides transit operators and mobility services with seamless secure access to a broad range of consumer devices, from cards and wearables to smartphones.

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Access control

Together with world leading access solution providers, Fidesmo provides FIDESMO ACCESS, allowing users to connect their favorite devices to access systems, e.g. using a watch to enter an office building.

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Fidesmo Access
Fidesmo partner financial institution logos

A partner you can trust

Fidesmo already works with cards from financial institutions in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland.

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