ThothTrust develops and manufactures next-generation contactless cards containing displays, keyboards, fingerprint readers, and more.

ThothTrust ThetaKey T101

Interactive contactless card

ThothTrust’s ThetaKey T101 is a secure reprogrammable contactless smartcard with embedded Java Card technology, Bluetooth, rechargeable battery, LCD screen and keypad.

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Smartcard with display

ThothTrust’s ThetaKey T104 is a battery-powered contactless card with an e-ink display that can be used for 2FA or to check a stored balance without needing a card reader.

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ThothTrust ThetaKey T101 with NFC
ThothTrust CodeWav NFC tags

Super-small smartcard

ThothTrust’s CodeWav NFC is a fully-fledged contactless smart card in the form of an ultra-compact 1mm thin NFC tag, similar in size to a SIM card.

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