How NFC can enhance connectivity in smart monitoring

This eight-page white paper explains how NFC enables smart monitoring system providers to implement solutions that allow users to quickly and easily access large amounts of data about goods and environmental conditions in order to monitor product quality and safety at every stage of the supply chain.


‘How NFC can enhance connectivity in smart monitoring’ shows how dynamic NFC tags can be used in combination with motion and environmental sensors to implement industrial internet of things (IIoT) applications and provides insight into how a simple and robust NFC-enabled monitoring system addresses key monitoring issues by providing both convenient access to data and large memory capacities.

Dynamic NFC tags embedded in products allow users to access data logged by sensors by tapping the relevant tag with an NFC reader, ensuring the rapid detection of any issues with product quality or safety, enhancing supply chain visibility and building consumer trust, the paper explains.

The paper also details how the various elements of an NFC smart monitoring system work, lays out the benefits of implementing NFC Forum Type 5 compliant dynamic NFC tags — including operating range, high memory density, fast data transfer, low power usage and energy harvesting capacities — and shows how they can be deployed using ready-to-use hardware and software solutions that reduce development costs and time to market for system providers.

‘How NFC can enhance connectivity in smart monitoring’ has been produced and sponsored by STMicroelectronics.

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