How NFC can enhance smart home experiences

This 12-page white paper explains how NFC enables intuitive and user-friendly interaction with smart home devices and provides insight into how dynamic NFC tags can support multiple use cases across a product’s life cycle from manufacture to commissioning, usage and maintenance.

STMicroelectronics logoIt explains how ease of use, widespread adoption, standardization and interoperability make NFC technology particularly suitable for use in smart home applications in a global market which forecasts predict will be worth nearly US$223bn by 2017.

The NFC Forum’s standards and its Wayfinding Mark, along with the Matter protocol created by the Connectivity Standard Alliance to ensure seamless interoperability within reliable smart device ecosystems, are all helping to guarantee the development of simplified and secure user experiences across smart home applications leveraging NFC technology, the paper says.

In particular, NFC offers the benefits of convenience, ease, security and speed when used to commission new smart home devices and add them into existing networks, it adds, but dynamic NFC tags also open up other opportunities and use cases that enable:

  • Manufacturers to directly configure products with correct parameter settings during production
  • Manufacturers and end users to upgrade a device’s firmware simply by tapping a tag with an NFC reader or smartphone
  • End users to easily pair NFC-enabled products to wifi or Bluetooth Low Energy devices or networks
  • End users to run diagnostics, collect data and identify problems without needing a technician
  • End users to control and configure devices directly in the event of network failure.

The white paper also provides an introduction to how dynamic NFC tags work as well as links to other resources offering more detailed insight into the technology.

‘How NFC can enhance smart home experiences’ has been produced and sponsored by STMicroelectronics.

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