Meet the Innovators: Antelop Solutions

Antelop Solutions combines technical expertise, business insight and strong project management skills to act as a trusted partner to card issuers looking to adopt the latest mobile and digital card technologies, CEO Nicolas Bruley and CCO Timothée Grüner explain in this Meet the Innovators interview.

Antelop Solutions

Founded as an NFC mobile payments specialist by former Visa technical experts in 2014, Antelop now works with 30 banks, card issuers and payment processors in 20 countries around the world.

In the 25-minute interview, Bruley and Grüner explain to NFCW editor Sarah Clark how they work with their customers to help them quickly and easily implement leading-edge solutions and provide an overview of the company’s card digitization, digital card management, tokenization and strong customer authentication solutions.

“The purpose of Antelop is to help as much as possible the bank to implement these sometimes complex projects,” Bruley says. “We put a lot of energy on the project management, on helping the banks understand and find the best solution.”

“Partnership is the very DNA of Antelop,” Grüner adds.

This Meet the Innovators interview is sponsored by Antelop Solutions and approved by the NFCW editorial team.

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