The power of choice: From standard NFC to secure solutions

HID GlobalThis 13-page white paper explains how developments in NFC technology are enabling a widening range of new use cases and how combining an expanding NFC ecosystem with existing traditional RFID infrastructure is reducing costs, improving efficiency and enhancing security in a variety of markets — from industry to retail, agriculture to healthcare.

HID Global begins its white paper with an introductory overview of current NFC technology, its uses and modes of operation and a summary of devices which are or can be NFC-enabled. It also provides an overview of the different types of NFC tags available, their specifications and the form factors in which they can be deployed.

The white paper continues by evaluating the differences between NFC technology and Rain RFID (ISO/IEC 18000-63 RAdio frequency IdentificatioN) and by showing how the two ‘frequency worlds’ – HF (NFC and non-NFC) and UHF (Rain) – can be combined to provide solutions at different stages of the retail supply chain and in industrial or commercial logistics. It also explains how HID Global’s Trusted Tags can be used to verify NFC interactions, authenticate products and prevent tags being cloned.

‘The power of choice’ examines three specific use cases for the company’s NFC-enabled technology — in grape harvesting, in proof of presence monitoring and in loyalty marketing programs — and provides links to case studies and videos that illustrate these in more detail.

‘The power of choice: From standard NFC to secure solutions’ has been produced and sponsored by HID Global and has been approved by the NFCW editorial team.

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