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Antelop Solutions

Antelop Solutions acts as a trusted partner to banks, card issuers and payment processors seeking to provide their customers with next generation mobile and digital card solutions.

Antelop's One Digital Card presentation with Tim Grüner

One Digital Card

The One Digital Card SDK from ANTELOP makes it quick and easy for banks to add all the latest digital card features to their mobile banking app, Tim Grüner explains in this video interview. Sponsored by Antelop Solutions.

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Tokenization management

In this short webinar chief exec Nicolas Bruley explains how ANTELOP‘s Token Manager solution enables banks to provide customers with in-app tools to manage their digitized cards and tokens. Sponsored by Antelop Solutions.

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Antelop Token Manager webinar cover slide
'Antelop Solutions: Upgraded banking experience' presentation

Digital and mobile cards

ANTELOP SOLUTIONS explains how banks and card issuers can use its suite of digital card, tokenization and authentication software-as-a-service solutions to provide next-generation mobile and digital banking experiences. Sponsored by Antelop Solutions.

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Meet Antelop…

Meet the innovators behind ANTELOP SOLUTIONS – including CEO Nicolas Bruley – and find out how the company works as a trusted partner to card issuers that want to quickly and easily provide their customers with the latest mobile and digital card solutions.

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Antelop CEO Nicolas Bruley
Antelop powers Raiffeisen Bank's RaiPay

“The quality of their PCI DSS certified VTS/MDES platform and their SDK security levels, coupled with their agility and responsiveness, meant that they were able to deliver an impressive time-to-market”

Tomas Janitor, head of business and innovation, Raiffeisen Processing Center

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“The scalability, agility and fast time-to-market of Antelop’s SaaS-based approach is very attractive and will deliver an enhanced service to our customers”

John Raptakis, head of transactional banking systems for remote banking, Piraeus Bank

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Antelop works with Piraeus Bank
Antelop Token Manager

Card management

Antelop Token Manager lets banks provide customers with the ability to view and manage the card details they have shared with mobile wallet providers and ecommerce merchants – from within their mobile banking app.

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