Antelop: Digital and mobile card solutions for banks and issuers

Antelop SolutionsThis 14-slide presentation outlines Antelop Solutions’ suite of digital payments, tokenization, strong customer authentication (SCA) and secure data exchange solutions for banks and card issuers.

Having launched as specialists in NFC mobile payments in 2014, Antelop Solutions now provides Visa VTS, Mastercard MDES and Cartes Bancaires certified software-as-a-service platforms and white label mobile SDKs, enabling banks to digitize payment cards, launch NFC digital wallets and mobile banking apps, manage digital cards and digital payment processes, support secure multi-factor authentication and meet certification standards such as European PSD2 regulations.

The company works with more than 30 banks and card issuers in 20 countries worldwide.

As well as an overview of the services offered by Antelop, the presentation provides more detailed information about the company’s token management, NFC issuer wallet, SCA and secure interface solutions, explaining both their function within the current payments ecosystem and their benefits for customers seeking to meet next-generation mobile banking challenges.

This presentation has been produced and sponsored by Antelop Solutions and approved by the NFCW editorial team.

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