Tappy product demo: Enabling contactless payments on batteryless wearables

Tappy TechnologiesIn this 10-minute product demo, CTO Zane Dawood and chief product officer Prashanth Dappula show how brands can use Tappy’s technology to enable their customers to make payments with a wide range of traditional watches, key fobs, rings and other battery-free wearables.

Tappy’s technology enables brands to embed a small payment module in their products that consumers can then personalize with their choice of payment card, Dappula explains.

Using a sample Timex wristwatch that comes with a payment module embedded in the wrist strap, a branded mobile app and a small Tappy-designed device called a Universal Passive Provisioning Unit (UPPU), Dappula and Dawood show the process consumers use to add their preferred payment card to their new watch.

The mobile app provides consumers with step-by-step guidance on how to use the UPPU to set up their new wearable and also enables them to access a record of their spending. Multiple wearables can all be linked to the same mobile app.

UPPU devices are available in a clip form factor for provisioning payment credentials to watch straps and also as a disk-shaped UPPU Circle for rings and other types of jewellery, they add.

Dawood and Dappula join NFCW editor Sarah Clark from Toronto, Canada, for this remotely recorded demo which is sponsored by Tappy.

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