Dejamobile: Mobile wallets, tokenization-as-a-service and PSD2/SCA

DejamobileThis 31-page presentation provides a detailed introduction to Dejamobile and its mobile wallet, tokenization-as-a-service and PSD2/SCA solutions for banks, prepaid card issuers, merchants, transportation operators and fintechs.

Founded in 2012, Dejamobile is headquartered in France, has offices in the UK, Ireland and Germany, and works with a network of partners to serve customers across Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

Dejamobile’s white label solutions are certified by Visa, Mastercard and CB, and include ReadyToTap Payment for issuers, ReadyToTap Mobility for transportation operators and ReadyToTap Gifts and Rewards for NFC and QR digital coupons and gift cards.

The company’s products also include a strong customer authentication (SCA) solution for PSD2, an NFC-based transit card top-up service and a tap-on-phone solution that enables standard smartphones to be used as a contactless POS terminal.

Customers include Credit Agricole, Credit Mutuel CIC, Arion Bank, One4All, Stocard, Ile de France Mobilite and more.

This presentation begins with an introduction to Dejamobile, its team and its customers. It includes customer testimonials from key executives and provides in-depth information on the company’s products and services, their benefits and their advantages.

The presentation has been produced and sponsored by Dejamobile and approved by the NFCW editorial team.

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