NFC tags ready for the mainstream

Covershot: NFC tags ready for the mainstreamThis 16-page white paper commissioned by NXP and produced by ABI Research makes the case for NFC tag usage now being positioned to explode into the mainstream and gives reasons why brands can and should start using NFC tags to build new interaction points to strengthen the consumer experience.

The paper includes multiple charts and market forecasts as its foundation, and analyses the factors that are expected to drive penetration and adoption of NFC tag technology over the coming years.

In the paper, the analysts examine traditional use cases (including gaming, connected toys, and pairing), contemporary use cases (proximity marketing, brand protection, configuration and parameter setting) and emerging applications of NFC tags (sensors for monitoring, provisioning headless IoT devices with embedded connected tags).

‘NFC tags ready for the mainstream’ also provides insight into the factors that will drive brand owners to adopt NFC tags, including consumer engagement opportunities as diverse as personalised gift messages, enabling reviews and feedback, registration and warranty services, re-ordering products, accessing documentation and other resources and upselling by linking to complementary products.

Charts and forecasts included in the white paper include ‘NFC enabled smartphone shipments forecast 2018-2023’ and ‘cumulative NFC tag shipment forecasts for emerging applications 2018-2023’. Tables include ‘NFC tag increased engagement case studies’ and ‘NFC tag brand protection case studies’.

‘NFC tags ready for the mainstream’ has been produced by ABI Research, is sponsored by NXP and has been approved by the NFC World editorial team.

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