Introducing Cilab: Test smart. Certify easy.


UPDATED This 26-slide presentation introduces Cilab and its ci230 high speed test unit, which offers engineers working on NFC a whole new approach to testing, development and certification through its speed, integrated components and absolute measurements.

“At Cilab, our motto is ‘Test smart. Certify easy’,” CEO Alfred Binder tells NFC World. “Our ci230 high speed NFC tester has been designed from the ground up to give NFC engineers a whole new, much more efficient and enjoyable way of working.”

The presentation starts by giving a brief history of Cilab and its roots as an NFC development house. It goes on to tell how the company developed “the world’s fastest NFC test system” for its own use, and explains the capabilities and applications of the ci230.

Cilab then explains why the device’s “absolute measurement” capability is so important and useful to engineers who develop and debug NFC equipment.

You’ll then learn about the standards it supports and the reference antennas and PICCs that can be used with the system.

Finally, you will learn about the company’s Shmoo Plot feature, which lets engineers visualizes the RF field of their device under test.

‘Introducing Cilab: Test smart, certify easy’ has been produced and sponsored by Cilab and has been approved by the NFC World editorial team.

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