Webinar: Tokenization management

Antelop SolutionsAntelop Solutions’ Token Manager solution enables banks to provide customers with a seamless user experience that allows them to manage their digitized cards and tokens across a wide range of use cases, CEO Nicolas Bruley explains in this 22-minute webinar.

Bruley begins by providing an overview of the current tokenization ecosystem, the enhanced security offered by new tokenization standards and the benefits that tokenized digital cards offer to both merchants and customers.

He then goes on to explain how consumers now need to manage their digital cards across multiple devices, issuer wallets and online merchants and how banks and payment service providers can benefit from enabling customers to self-manage their tokenized digital payment cards.

Bruley lays out in detail how Antelop’s Token Manager solution enables banks to integrate tokenization management into their mobile banking app and allow customers to add, view and manage their digital cards across multiple wallets and accounts simply and easily.

He describes the solution’s three key functionalities and illustrates how these work to enhance the customer’s user experience before providing insight into the future of the token management market.

‘Tokenization Management’ is hosted by NFCW editor Sarah Clark and is sponsored by Antelop.

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