Wearable Payment Summit 2020: Card tokenization for wearable payments

Wearable Payment Summit 2020 logoIn this 42-minute panel discussion, experts from Mastercard, Thales and Tappy Technologies explain how payment card credentials can be added to wearables — such as traditional wrist watches — so consumers can make secure payments with them using their choice of payment card.

NFCW’s editor, Sarah Clark, is joined for the panel discussion by:

  • Wayne Leung, CEO of wearable payment innovator Tappy Technologies, in Canada
  • Vijin Venugopalan, head of Mastercard Engage and MDES tokenization for the Asia Pacific region, in Singapore
  • Valerie Gleize, product manager for wearable payments at Thales, in France

The panel begins with an introduction to each participant, the role they play in the wearable payments ecosystem and an overview of tokenization technology.

The panellists then explain how they are working together to deliver a seamless wearable payment solution that meets the needs of watch and other fashion brands, of card issuers and of consumers.

Technically, everything is now in place and Timex Group is set to go live with the technology “in the next few months”, Leung explains during the discussion.

Market status

Each panellist also shares their insights into the current status of the market, and the demand they are seeing from issuers, brands and consumers, and explores how soon we can expect wearable payments to reach mass market adoption.

Plus they discuss the future of wearables, explaining how they see the market in five years’ time, how widely wearable payments will be adopted and the technical developments that can be expected.

This conference session is part of the Wearable Payment Summit 2020. It has been produced by NFCW and Tappy and is sponsored by Tappy Technologies.

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