Wearable Payment Summit 2020

Leading innovators, adopters and technology suppliers from across the world explain the latest wearable payment trends and technologies

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Wearable tokens

NFCW’s editor Sarah Clark leads a panel discussion with representatives from MASTERCARD, THALES and TAPPY as they explore how payment card credentials can be securely added to wearable devices. Sponsored by Tappy.


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Join NFCW, TAPPY and leading innovators for more sessions exploring the current status and future developments in the wearable payments market. Watch this space!

Wearable payments ’19

Slides and videos from the Wearable Payment Summit at MWC Barcelona 2019. Speakers from TAPPY, BARCLAYS, TIMEX, GEMALTO and ZWIPE examine the latest wearable payments trends and technologies. Sponsored by Tappy.

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Proceedings: Wearable Payment Summit at MWC Barcelona 2019

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