Webinar — NFC and the Internet of Things

Join NFC World and NXP to find out how NFC can bring plug-and-play simplicity to smart homes and the internet of things (IoT).

This online event took place on Wednesday 2 March 2016. You can watch the webinar by pressing the “play webcast” button in the window below.

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What does this webinar cover?

The IoT promises a world full of hyper-connected objects where even fridges and lightbulbs are part of the smart home’s network.

But human factors act as a brake on adoption; people just aren’t going to connect their new gear unless it is really easy.

In this webinar you’ll find out why NFC and its touch-to-connect simplicity is a key building block of the IoT, and how you can use it to deliver security, delight users and sell more IoT devices. Using the smart home as a case study, you’ll learn how network commissioning can be simplified and how, with the right app, smartphones and tablets can be used to control or configure almost anything.

This 50-minute webinar offers a unique opportunity to learn from an expert working on the cutting edge of smart home product development.

Who should attend?

Watching this webinar will be of benefit to anyone working on consumer or smart home devices or applications. The webinar is designed for consumer electronics device makers and will be of interest to engineers and product managers in other markets impacted by the arrival of the internet of things, as well as those in the wider NFC ecosystem.

Your speaker

Pierre Goarin, NXP

NXP's Pierre GoarinPierre Goarin started his career as a research scientist at NXP Semiconductors after gaining a masters degree in physics from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Rennes, France in 2000.

After working on new deep submicron processes for flash memories and power transistors, Pierre moved to Austria in 2008 to work on the company’s RFID and NFC products and since 2014 he has been in charge of marketing for the smart home sector in NXP’s NFC infrastructure team in Caen, France.

About our sponsor

NXP is a chip maker and a global leader in the NFC industry. Since co-inventing the technology in 2002 the company has shipped hundreds of millions of NFC chips for phones, payment terminals, tags and other systems.

The company’s NFC technology is now found in more than 80% of NFC phones and contactless payment terminals worldwide.

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