Five key features to look for in a token service provider solution

Rambus rambus-five-key-features-token-service-provider-coverThis 10-page white paper produced by Rambus clarifies the role of the token service provider (TSP) and offers advice to help banks choose an appropriate TSP solution.

The paper begins by explaining tokenization, the role played by the TSP within a mobile payments network and the differences between out-sourcing and hosting a TSP solution in-house.

The paper then goes on to lay out the five key features that banks needs to consider when evaluating the options available: transaction management, compliance, implementation, flexibility and scalability. It examines each of these in relation to security, value and current trends within the mobile payments ecosystem and concludes by identifying the benefits for banks of controlling their own TSP solution.

This paper has been produced by Rambus and has been approved by the NFC World editorial team.

How to access this report

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