Orange France: Delivering digital commerce in retail to enhance the customer journey

GSMA OrangeThis 28-page white paper produced by the GSMA provides insight into the role mobile network operators can play in the development of mobile retail solutions. It focuses on the strategy implemented by Orange France and examines how the company helped merchants overcome the challenges of integrating mobile technology into the shopping experience.

The paper begins by identifying the need for retailers to develop a combined in-store, mobile and online approach and by setting out the key issues surrounding the implementation of mobile solutions. It then explains how Orange France undertook in-market research to discover how the mobile operator can play a role in adding value for both merchants and customers.

The paper goes on to describe how Orange France used the findings of that research to develop a package of application programming interfaces (APIs) for three use cases: in-store shopping, cinema and parking. It examines these use cases in detail before analysing the factors which contributed to their success and the lessons learned from their implementation in different retail scenarios.

The paper concludes by outlining Orange France’s ongoing strategy for developing further market-sensitive and interoperable solutions.

This paper has been produced by the GSMA and has been approved by the NFC World+ editorial team.

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