US retailers: Why you’re not as ready as you think for today’s retail payments migration

NFC Forum white paperThis six-page white paper by the NFC Forum addresses the key issues facing US retailers following 2015’s EMV liability shift in the context of the ongoing trend towards mobile payments, and makes the case for adopting contactless technology.

It begins by identifying the risks and opportunities created by changing retail technologies, customer behaviour and increasing public awareness of security and fraud. It goes on to assess the options for US retailers who have yet to upgrade their payment infrastructure in order to support next-generation security technology.

The paper then evaluates the outlook for retailers using three different point-of-sale technologies – magnetic stripe cards, EMV chip cards and NFC-capable terminals – and makes specific recommendations for retailers in each of these categories.

The paper concludes by outlining the benefits of NFC as a point-of-sale retail technology.

This paper has been produced by the NFC Forum and has been approved by the NFC World+ editorial team.

How to access this report

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