Why ITSO plays a fundamental role in the development of mobility-as-a-service

ITSO logo This 26-page white paper explores the case for smart ticketing as the key to delivering a fully functioning mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) scheme as part of an integrated, collaborative public transportation system.

MaaS is a mobility model that uses digital platforms to integrate end-to-end trip planning, booking, electronic ticketing and payment services across all modes of transportation. It enables travellers to plan and book end-to-end trips using a single app or platform rather than having to locate, book, and pay separately for each mode of transport.

According to the UK’s national public transport ticketing standards body ITSO, it could vastly reduce dependence on private vehicles and deliver seamless mobility, thus cutting urban congestion and shrinking the UK’s carbon footprint.

“MaaS has the potential to encourage more efficient forms of transport, but currently there are barriers hindering its progress in the UK,” Steve Wakeland, executive chairman of ITSO, explains in the white paper.

“ITSO’s role is to provide the connection between the transport operators or ticket retailers and the technology companies that provide mapping services and electronic wallets. Once these sectors can collaborate, effective MaaS schemes will begin to emerge in the UK.”

‘Why ITSO plays a fundamental role in the development of mobility-as-a-service’ examines the elements that contribute to the successful delivery of MaaS and the actions that need to be taken to achieve a fully interoperable transport system.

It considers the need for further investment in the technology that will help make integrated services a reality. With a focus on smart ticketing as the missing link in MaaS, it highlights ticket fulfilment through mobile applications as the best way to simplify ticketing and provide the foundations from which MaaS schemes can develop.

This white paper has been produced by ITSO and approved by the NFCW editorial team.

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