Is anybody there? Giving conversational commerce a voice

MastercardIn this eight-page paper Mastercard examines the current status and future potential of voice-activated commerce, asking whether the technology is ready for prime time and looking at the factors that will lead to its successful adoption.

“Ever smarter, connected devices comprising the Internet of Things are changing the ways we engage with technology, and voice activated personal assistants, speakers and services are increasingly our gateway to the digital world,” Mastercard explains.

“With conversational commerce, consumers engage with human representatives, chatbots or a mix of both to receive a personalised service. Companies then use these chatbots to send order confirmations, shipping and delivery notifications, and resolve customer service issues.”

“With voice now becoming the dominant means of interaction within this brave new digital frontier, conversational commerce is primed for evolution. Consumers expect ever faster, easier and more convenient experiences and voice offers a unique opportunity for brands to deliver on this.”

‘Is anybody there? Giving conversational commerce a voice’ has been produced by Mastercard and approved by the NFC World editorial team.

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