Enabling an economy of digital trust with mobile payments

Rambus - Enabling economy digital trust mobile paymentsThis 13-page e-book from Rambus examines why the mass adoption of mobile payments remains slower than initially anticipated, and what providers need to do to build trust before, during and after the payment experience.

‘Enabling an economy of digital trust with mobile payments’ begins by outlining how consumers want a simplified mobile commerce experience that integrates the likes of loyalty memberships and gift cards, as well as supporting NFC-based shopping cart scans, one-click and automatic purchases to let shoppers skip queues and pay by walking past beacons.

The e-book goes on to illustrate how mobile wallets of the future can also play an important role in smart travel for transport operators, replacing smart cards with secure digital travel wallets.

The security benefits of host card emulation (HCE) services will “undoubtedly play a major role in accelerating the mass adoption of mobile payments”, Rambus adds.

This guide has been produced and sponsored by Rambus and has been approved by the NFC World editorial team.

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