How will we pay in 2020?

Rambus How Will We Pay in 2020 ebookThis eight-page guide from Rambus examines the changes taking place in the mobile payments industry and the key developments that will take place over the next three years.

‘How will we pay in 2020’ begins with a brief definition of host card emulation and NFC, and how they relate to mobile payments. The guide then looks in more detail at in-store invisible payments, in which all parts of the payment process are performed in the background without direct interaction from the consumer or merchant.

“Simplicity alone does not guarantee adoption,” the guide adds, explaining that value-added services will be needed to deliver a compelling reason for consumers to engage with mobile payments.

The development of biometric authentication and how it will increase consumer trust in mobile payments is examined, as well as why the industry needs to “ensure solutions and products take into account” the future growth of wearables technology.

This guide has been produced and sponsored by Rambus and has been approved by the NFC World editorial team.

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