Membership agreement

The NFCW Knowledge Centre is a service that provides readers with in-depth information on the emerging technologies that are transforming how consumers choose what to buy, who to buy from, and how to pay.

How does this service work?

Our business educates buyers in emerging technology markets and connects them with vendors able to meet their needs. This service is designed for business users, not consumers.

We are able to provide valuable information resources to members free of charge because the cost of creating them is covered by our partners, sponsors and advertisers. These commercial partners receive benefits in exchange for funding this program which may include access to information you provide upon membership sign-up and information about the usage you make of the service.

You are welcome to use the NFCW Knowledge Centre subject to your acceptance of the following conditions:

Terms and conditions

  1. Certain information and resources provided on this website are made available to NFCW Knowledge Centre members only. These are “protected resources”.
    1. You must not copy, re-publish, post to the internet or an intranet, or otherwise share protected resources with anyone else. Instead, please direct others to become members so that they can access the protected resources themselves.
    2. You must not link directly to protected resources. Instead, please link to the page which hosts the protected resource.
    3. You must not circumvent any controls we have put in place to allow only members to access protected resources.
  2. Membership of the NFCW Knowledge Centre is free of charge, as is use of the resources that can be accessed through membership. However, we require that members provide certain information about themselves and their organisations which we may in certain circumstances relay to our commercial partners.
    1. You must provide complete and accurate information during registration for membership. This information becomes your user profile.
    2. The information we ask you to provide is business-related and is not of a personal nature. We and our partners will use the information ethically and solely for business purposes. You agree that any information you provide will be regarded as business-related data and not personal data.
    3. You agree to keep the information in your user profile up to date at all times. You can see and change your user profile here.
    4. You understand that if we believe the information you provide is not complete or accurate we may suspend your access to further resources until you visit your user profile page and update the information we hold. You can see and change your user profile here.
    5. You grant us permission to share the information we hold about you with the commercial partner(s) which provides or sponsors any resource you access.
    6. You agree that our commercial partners may sometimes contact you as a result of your using particular resources or taking part in webinars.
    7. We may contact you for housekeeping reasons, to communicate information relating to your membership of the website, and to update you on site news including but not limited to offers, updates and new additions to the NFCW Knowledge Centre, and information related to resources you have used in the past.


Last updated 12 October 2018.