Introducing Entrust and its Digital Card Solution for banks

This 14-slide presentation introduces Entrust and its Digital Card Solution, and explains how the company’s products allow banks to meet present and future challenges on digital cards.

Entrust logoEntrust’s Digital Card Solution is a toolkit that banks and financial institutions can use to accelerate and improve their mobile banking offerings.

All the baseline features of digital cards — both functionally and through interoperability with external providers —  can be offered to customers quickly and easily through an easy-to-integrate SDK, while Entrust takes on the burden of meeting the ever-changing needs of the individual schemes and providers.

The presentation first explains which features banks should include in their mobile apps to meet customer expectations, and then goes on to outline the Digital Card Solution’s ‘single SDK’ approach, which offers three key advantages:

  • Move from a high complexity multi-provider environment to a unified and simplified integration of digital cards through one SDK
  • Provide all value-added digital card features directly in the mobile banking app
  • Avoid long back-end integrations and go for mobile-first

Next, you’ll find a solution overview, followed by information on the ease of integration and maintenance. Then, to conclude, you’ll learn about the certifications Entrust has achieved, along with key statistics about the organisation, which employs more than 2,500 people worldwide and had revenues in excess of $800m last year.

Entrust’s Digital Card Solution is a product of the company’s acquisition of digital payment pioneer Antelop Solutions in autumn 2021.

This presentation has been produced and sponsored by Entrust.

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