Bridging digital and physical retail with NFC

Bridging digital and physical retail with NFCThis 17-page white paper from the NFC Forum provides detailed guidance to brands and retailers on how to take advantage of near field communication technology to establish and reinforce their connection with consumers.

‘Bridging digital and physical retail with NFC’ includes detailed listings of tips and ideas for how brands and retailers can make use of NFC technology at each stage of the customer journey. Eleven tips for running a successful NFC campaign are also provided.

“To be successful today, brands and retailers need to compete more effectively in a mobile-first, omnichannel world,” the authors explain.

“NFC technology offers a multitude of ways for brands and retailers to forge and strengthen a connection with the consumer at every step throughout their journey — pre-purchase, in-store, and post-purchase.

“NFC helps consumers by connecting them to helpful information when and where it’s needed, offering a channel to interact with brands, delivering offers and rewards, providing the simplicity of one-tap payment, and more.

“For retailers and brands, NFC can lead to revenue growth, better customer experiences, new insights via customer analytics, and deeper, long-lasting relationships with the people who buy and use their products.”

Bridging digital and physical retail with NFC has been produced and sponsored by the NFC Forum and approved by the NFC World editorial team.

How to access this white paper

This 17-page white paper is available free of charge to NFC World Knowledge Centre members (PDF format, 1.7MB).

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