Meet Ginstr: NFC enabled B2B app solutions

Covershot: 'Meet Ginstr: NFC Enabled B2B App Solutions'This 25-slide presentation introduces Ginstr, a flexible and customisable NFC-based tool for real-time monitoring of mobile operations, assets and workers for compliance, reporting and proof of presence.

Ginstr is a customisable turnkey system that can be used to replace paper forms and antiquated workflows with custom single- or multi-page apps for use cases as diverse as time recording, cleaning, facility management, chain-of-custody, attendance, library management, guard tours, and asset inspections.

This presentation sets out the capabilities of the Ginstr system and outlines eight sample use cases. “When cleaners clock into a room they can see on their phone the services to be rendered,” says Ginstr of its cleaning app. “Management can see working time, costs and profit per customer, cleaners not showing up for work, loss-making rooms, etc.”

Because every customer has different requirements and nobody wants to change their processes to fit an off-the-shelf solution, Ginstr’s Android framework allows for rapid development and customisation and a typical app can be created in less than one working day, the company says. Custom apps can be anything from simple paper form replacements to multi-page apps with business logic.

For data acquisition Ginstr can work with NFC wristbands, tags and cards, as well as barcodes, QR codes, BLE, WiFi, GPS and more.

‘Meet Ginstr: NFC Enabled B2B App Solutions’ has been produced and sponsored by Ginstr and approved by the NFC World editorial team.

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