Innovative ways companies are using NFC to unlock next-generation user experiences

Covershot: Innovative ways companies are using NFC to unlock next-generation user experiencesThis 20-page document contains five case studies that show how developers and product designers are turning to NFC technology to advance how products, services, and applications enable meaningful consumer experiences.

Examples included in the document include:

  • How NFC is being used to connect legacy industrial systems — typically expensive pre-IoT equipment with a long service life — to the internet of things with an add-on module that provides access via a smartphone to data for decision making, diagnostics and maintenance.
  • How a national transportation network has improved customer satisfaction and addressed a long-standing pain point by enabling passengers to read and top up balances stored on travel cards using their NFC phones, and the challenges faced in the implementation.
  • The new services and features a Japanese railway operator has been able to add as it moves its travel card from smart cards to NFC phones, with advantages including greater interoperability with other operators, a smoother boarding experience for passengers and increased average balances held in accounts.
  • Marketing and product authentication initiatives using NFC, including ways of adding NFC to running shoes, temporary tattoos, anti-counterfeit product labels, parking stickers, and ensuring only OEM parts and consumables are used with industrial equipment.
  • How a local retailer uses NFC shelf labels to boost sales by providing in-depth product information to customers — and how the system provides management tools, analytics, metrics, and marketing opportunities that were previously unavailable.

‘Innovative ways companies are using NFC to unlock next-generation user experiences’ has been produced and sponsored by the NFC Forum and approved by the NFC World editorial team.

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