Mobile Wallet Outlook, April 2013

Mobile Wallet Outlook, April 2013In this 20-page edition of The Mobile Wallet Report we exclusively reveal how MCX’s wallet will work, and examine each of the five main ways in which wallet providers are addressing the issue of how to architect enterprise-grade cloud payments — and at the major players that are following each of these possible routes to market.

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  • Exclusive: We explain how MCX’s barcode and cloud-based wallet will work, when it is likely to launch and where the retail venture’s approach is already being used today.
  • We also look at the implications this shift to the cloud holds for EMV, NFC and the future of the mobile wallet market: Where does it leave EMV and NFC — and the payments networks and mobile network operators that have been backing the technology for so many years? Has NFC missed the boat in mobile payments, or are there still advantages to be gained? And what will prove to be the best solution for the future?

Organisations mentioned include 7-Eleven, Accumulate, Airtag, American Express, América Móvil, Apple, Auchan, Bancontact/MisterCash, Best Buy, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Citi, Discover Financial Services, Disney, Facebook, GSMA, Gemalto, Google, HP, ImpactOrg, JetShop, KFC, MCX, Marks and Spencer, MasterCard, McDonald’s, Microsoft, National Restaurant Association, Nokia, O2, PKO Bank Polski, Paddle, Pera Mobile, Pervasent, RapidNFC, Seamless, Shell Oil US, Snapfinger, Square, Subway, Tesco, Texaco, Txtnation,, Visa and Walmart.

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