Webinar — Beyond OEM Pay: Mobile payment strategies for banks

Join NFC World and Bell ID to find out how banks can move beyond standard handset maker and card network schemes to provide differentiated mobile payment offerings that retain customers, attract new business and add fresh revenue streams.

This online event took place on Thursday 13 October 2016. You can watch the webinar by pressing the “play webcast” button in the window below.

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What does this webinar cover?

This webinar explains how financial institutions can take control of their mobile payments strategy by adopting an agile approach that delivers support for third-party services as well as offering the flexibility to develop a wide range of mobile payment and added-value services to offer direct to new and existing customers.

You will learn:

  • Quick history: Physical secure elements and TSMs
  • The situation today: Host card emulation (HCE), tokenization and OEM Pay services like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay
  • The role of tokenization in securing cloud-based mobile payments
  • How banks can support both OEM Pay services and their own HCE powered “Bank Pay” initiatives
  • Routes to market: The ways in which a bank can reach their customers’ smartphones and a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each option
  • The growth path beyond payments: How the future will be less about payments and more about the whole purchasing experience including loyalty, gift cards, in-aisle and ‘seamless’ payments

Watch this webinar to take your mobile payments strategy to the next level and learn how to position your bank to maximise the mobile payments opportunity and maintain control of your relationship with your customers.

The webinar is chaired by NFC World’s editor, Sarah Clark, and there is an extensive question and answer session at the end.

Who should attend?

Attending this webinar is of benefit to banks, card issuers, payments processors, payments networks and more — anyone, in fact, who would like to learn more about how financial institutions can take advantage of the arrival of mobile payments to attract, retain and generate new revenues from their customer base.

Your speaker

Martin Cox, Bell ID

Bell ID's Martin CoxMartin Cox has a strong payments background built on more than 20 years in the industry.

Martin joined Bell ID in 2002 after working at Datacard, NCR and ACI Worldwide, and has been deeply involved in EMV smart card, mobile NFC, TSM and HCE implementations around the world.

About our sponsor

Bell ID develops software to provision and manage the lifecycle of user credentials on mobile NFC devices.

Through host card emulation (HCE), banks, telecom operators and service providers can take direct control over their customer portfolio by using Bell ID software to perform tasks previously associated with a trusted service manager.

As an NFC World partner, Bell ID shares with readers expertise gained through involvement in over two decades of chip lifecycle management implementations for mobile, ID and EMV payment projects worldwide.


Presented by NFC World in association with

Rambus Bell ID

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