NFC: The Road to Commercial Deployment

NFC: The Road to Commercial DeploymentThis research report, published in January 2010, asked “What will it take to launch successful NFC services, what business models will succeed and who is going to profit?”

Promotional information published at the time sets the scene and tells the story:

‘NFC: The Road to Commercial Deployment’ charts the road ahead for those involved in planning, implementing and supplying NFC services and examines how the market will develop between 2010 and 2014.

This research report answers key questions including:

  • When will the first commercial deployments take place — and where?
  • How will the NFC market evolve over the course of this year and beyond — and what actions will the leading players take?
  • How will the business case for NFC be resolved — and what business models will succeed?
  • Which NFC services will become available first and how many will there ultimately be?
  • How will the issue of a lack of NFC handsets be overcome and which suppliers will take the lead?
  • What strategies for success will mobile network operators, banks, suppliers and key potential NFC service providers adopt — and who will become the dominant players in each market?

The conclusions and predictions contained in ‘NFC: The Road to Commercial Deployment’ are based on extensive interviews with leading industry players around the world, on research undertaken for The NFC Report and on information gathered during the writing of NFC World.

NFC: The Road to Commercial Deployment was published in 2010 and retailed at £797. The research report is provided here as a document of historical interest only.

How to access this report

This 74-page report is available free of charge to NFC World Knowledge Centre members (PDF format, 660KB).

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