A global study in transport: How mobile technology is enhancing the passenger experience

GSMA transport studyThis 56-page white paper produced by the GSMA provides an extensive overview of the impact of mobile technology on transport systems across the globe. It evaluates the value this technology has for transport operators, mobile network operators and passengers and considers key issues relating to its implementation.

The paper begins by assessing the business drivers behind the adoption of SIM-based NFC technology by public transport operators and the history of mobile technology in the context of transport. It then offers a comprehensive survey of the mobile services deployed in the public transport systems of ten countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

This survey is based on interviews with operators in countries from China and UAE to France and Poland and includes in-depth analysis of the specific technologies used in each case and the outcomes of their implementation to date.

The paper also identifies the ways in which mobile transport solutions are evolving and looks at prospective business models for enhancing their deployment in relation to the value chain and the offer to customers.

Strategies relating to the implementation of mobile technology in different transport contexts are also discussed.

The paper concludes by evaluating how mobile technology can best be used to ensure the best experience for all stakeholders in the transport sector.

This paper has been produced by the GSMA and has been approved by the NFC World+ editorial team.

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