NFC mobile payments: An industry snapshot

Mobey Forum: NFC mobile payments - An industry snapshotThis 16-page white paper is a one-stop guide designed to assist banks and financial institutions understand and compare the various NFC payment options available, with the aim of helping them choose the right route to market in what is now a “more complicated than ever” mobile payments landscape.

The paper includes an overview of the secure element, the role of third parties, current acceptance status, the devices supported and the business models available for each of the options.

“Although the emergence of new mobile payments methods is good news for the industry and for end users, the explosion in available options can cause a serious headache for financial institutions when deciding which of these payment solutions to implement,” says Mobey Forum, the mobile financial services industry association and the author of the paper.

“No solution has emerged from this analysis as a clear winner, indeed it may be that in some cases more than one payment option is a suitable ‘fit’.”

This paper was produced by Mobey Forum’s HCE workgroup and has been approved by the NFC World+ editorial team.

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