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Tappy Technologies

Tappy’s wearable contactless payment technology makes it possible for brands to enable consumers to add their choice of payment card to watches, jewellery, fashion items, and more.

Tappy on BBC Click

Tappy on TV

BBC CLICK shows how consumers can use TAPPY technology to add a tokenized bank card to contactless devices including NFC-enabled watch straps, headphones, rings, lipstick holders and more.

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“Thanks to our partnership with Tappy, we can offer convenient payment-enabled timepieces that will transform our relationship with our consumers, offering them even greater functionality that keeps up with how they interact with the world around them”

Shawn Lawson Cummings, SVP Advanced Technology, Timex

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Tappy is bringing payments to Timex watches
Wearable Payment Summit 2020

Wearable Payment Summit

Leading innovators, adopters and technology suppliers from across the world explain the latest wearable payment trends and technologies. Sponsored by Tappy.

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India’s first payment watch

STATE BANK OF INDIA and watch brand TITAN selected TAPPY’S wearable payment technology for the launch of Titan Pay powered by Yono SBI, India’s first contactless payment watches.

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Titan and SBI launch wearable payments watches featuring Tappy technology
Tappy's UPPU uploads a card to a watch strap

Tappy product demo

This 10-minute demo shows how TAPPY’S technology works to enable consumers to make contactless payments with traditional watches and a wide range of other battery-free wearables. Sponsored by Tappy.

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