Priority deposit

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  • NFCW Expo listings are ordered by plan seniority then by date of receipt of priority deposit.
  • This is a ‘holding deposit’ which will be offset against the price of whichever plan you choose.
  • Your priority deposit is refundable on demand should you decide not to go ahead.
  • Reserving a position using a priority deposit is not obligatory but it will lock in your position earlier and therefore more prominently in the NFCW Expo event hall listings.

Frequently asked questions

What is plan seniority?

Grandfathered partner is most senior and listed first, followed by Partner, Builder, Innovator then month-to-month listings.

How long can I hold a position with a priority deposit?

Indefinitely, but only for the company or product mentioned at the time of booking. Priority deposits are not transferable.

I’ve decided not to go ahead. How can I get my priority deposit back?

Just email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you.