Wearable Payment Summit 2020: Card tokenization for wearable payments

Wearable Payment Summit 2020 logo

In this 42-minute panel discussion, experts from Mastercard, Thales and Tappy Technologies explain how payment card credentials can be added to wearables — such as traditional wrist watches — so consumers can make secure payments with them using their choice of payment card.

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The NFCW online conference and exhibition platform

NFCW editor Sarah Clark

NFCW’s online conference and exhibition platform lets readers quickly and easily share information on the innovative projects, products and services they are working on with our global audience of senior executives and technical specialists.

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Introducing Cilab: Test smart. Certify easy.

Covershot - "Cilab's ci230 is the world's fastest NFC test system: Test smart. Certify easy."

UPDATED This 31-slide presentation introduces Cilab and its ci230 high speed test unit, which offers engineers working on NFC a whole new approach to testing, development and certification through its speed, integrated components and absolute measurements.

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NFC tags ready for the mainstream

Covershot: NFC tags ready for the mainstream

This 16-page white paper commissioned by NXP and produced by ABI Research makes the case for NFC tag usage now being positioned to explode into the mainstream and gives reasons why brands can and should start using NFC tags to build new interaction points to strengthen the consumer experience.

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Webinar — NFC Type 5: Bridging NFC and RFID


This 20-minute webinar is an introduction to NFC Type 5, the NFC-RFID crossover technology that gives longer range ‘vicinity’ communication with dedicated reader hardware and also allows ‘proximity’ interaction with a smartphone.

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