Case study: Collectors Universe uses HID Trusted Tag services

HID Global Collectors Universe white paper front cover

This three-page case study explains how HID Global’s Trusted NFC tags are helping an American grading and authentication company to combat the counterfeiting of rare and collectible coins and banknotes.

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Driving wider adoption of digital payments at the point of sale: Accepting contactless payments on off-the-shelf smartphones or tablets

Dejamobile's 'Driving wider adoption of digital payments at the point of sale' white paper

This 22-page white paper explains how next-generation, 100% software point-of-sale (POS) card acceptance solutions offer benefits across the retail payments ecosystem by enabling merchants to use standard, commercial off-the-shelf (Cots) NFC mobile devices to accept in-store contactless payments.

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Webinar: NFC in Automotive

Rene Wutte from STMicroelectronics

From digital keys to diagnostics data transmission, consumables monitoring, in-vehicle payments, infotainment connectivity and car sharing, NFC technology provides vehicle manufacturers with a wide range of opportunities to add value for both consumers and fleet operators, STMicroelectronics’ Rene Wutte explains in this 32-minute webinar.

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Meet the Innovators: Antelop Solutions

Antelop CEO Nicolas Bruley

Antelop Solutions combines technical expertise, business insight and strong project management skills to act as a trusted partner to card issuers looking to adopt the latest mobile and digital card technologies, CEO Nicolas Bruley and CCO Timothée Grüner explain in this Meet the Innovators interview.

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The power of choice: From standard NFC to secure solutions

The Power of Choice: From Standard NFC to Secure Solutions

This 13-page white paper explains how developments in NFC technology are enabling a widening range of new use cases and how combining an expanding NFC ecosystem with existing traditional RFID infrastructure is reducing costs, improving efficiency and enhancing security in a variety of markets — from industry to retail, agriculture to healthcare.

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Tappy product demo: Enabling contactless payments on batteryless wearables

Tappy's UPPU uploads a card to a watch strap

In this 10-minute product demo, CTO Zane Dawood and chief product officer Prashanth Dappula show how brands can use Tappy’s technology to enable their customers to make payments with a wide range of traditional watches, key fobs, rings and other battery-free wearables.

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Wearable Payment Summit 2020: Urban mobility

Wearable Payment Summit 2020 logo

In this 42-minute panel discussion, experts from Timex Group, Mastercard and Tappy Technologies explore the role that wearable payments will play in driving forward urban mobility and the smart cities of the future.

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