Strategies for the digital transformation of banks

Gemalto: Digital transformations in banking white paper

This 21-page white paper from Gemalto examines the digital transformation taking place in the global banking industry, and sets out a series of strategic recommendations for traditional banks, digital- and mobile-only banks, and technology companies.

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Focus on IoT, NFC and mobile money around the world

Mahindra Comviva Vritti magazine Oct 2016

This latest issue of Mahindra Comviva’s quarterly magazine Vritti presents a selection of articles covering NFC, the Internet of Things, the growth of the mobile wallet market in the Middle East and the role of mobile money in rehabilitating refugees in conflict zones.

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Targeted advertising leads to surge in sales and Apple Pay use

USAT Targeted Advertising leads to Apple Pay surge white paper

This four-page white paper from USA Technologies (USAT) reveals the results of a six-month study testing targeted point-of-sale advertising of Apple Pay at unattended vending machines and how that translated into increased overall sales, transactions and mobile payment usage.

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Role of MNOs in electronic ID within Europe’s eIDAS regulation

Gemalto role of MNOs in electronic ID within European eIDAS regulation

This four-page white paper explores digital identification, authentication and digital signatures within the framework of the European eIDAS regulation on electronic identification and trusted services for electronic transactions.

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Contactless and mobile payments survey results

Contactless and Mobile Payments survey results

This 17-page survey of 1,087 US consumers and 683 consumers in the UK and Australia presents the latest findings on consumer behaviours and perceptions around contactless payment.

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Building trust in mobile apps: The consumer perspective

Building trust in mobile apps white paper

This 17-page survey asks people about their mobile behaviour and expectations over security, and how these would affect those providing applications and infrastructure for mobile applications and services.

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The evolution of digital and mobile wallets

The Evolution of Digital and Mobile Wallets

This 24-page white paper examines the history, current status and likely future development of the digital and mobile wallet market and examines the way forward for each of the different types of provider: financial institutions, card networks, mobile network operators, merchants and new entrants.

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