NFCW provides senior executives and technical specialists with news and analysis on the latest trends and technologies in payments, transit ticketing, NFC, and beyond.


The NFCW Expo is a new kind of trade show that provides sponsors and exhibitors with all the benefits of participating in a physical event — plus all the added advantages of an online-first approach. Taking part is easy, affordable and effective.

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Sample showcase

STMICROELECTRONICS uses its NFCW EXPO showcase to share webinars and white papers that educate the market about the potential of NFC technology — and to communicate the unique benefits of its products.

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STMicroelectronics at NFCW Expo
Cilab at NFCW Expo

Showcase: Cilab

NFC testing innovator CILAB uses its NFCW EXPO showcase to highlight the glowing testimonials it has received from its customers and to share information on how its product works and the benefits it offers to both engineers and to budget holders.

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Showcase: Dejamobile

Digital payments specialist DEJAMOBILE used the NFCW EXPO webinar platform to launch its new merchant acceptance product — fully remotely and at the height of travel restrictions.

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Antelop CEO Nicolas Bruley

Meet the Innovators

ANTELOP SOLUTIONS used our Meet the Innovators video interview format to tell the company’s story and introduce key executives.

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