Ixkio is a global management platform designed for flexible and scalable control of standard and authentication NFC tags.

Ixkio phone and bag with NFC tag

Tag management

Learn about ixkio’s powerful rules-based tag management, customisable response methods and tag data, console or in-situ tag control, integrated support for authentication NFC tags, and more…

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Our experts offer experienced, friendly advice for your projects; our development plan offers discounted rates and free sample tags to allow for testing and development and see how the software can work for you.

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NFC tag authentication explained

NFC for authentication

Watch this video tutorial from ixkio’s sister company Seritag to find out how NFC authentication tags work, how they can be used for anti-counterfeit, NFTs and product security and what the benefits are.

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NFC tag sourcing

Ixkio’s sister company Seritag is a trusted and professional UK supplier of NFC tags worldwide. Seritag has years of experience providing physical tags and giving advice for your projects.

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Ixkio NFC tag sourcing
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