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Share your knowledge and expertise with our global audience of 100,000+ banking, retail, advertising, mobile and technology specialists.

The NFCW Knowledge Centre is a unique educational resource that goes beyond the news to provide our readers with in-depth information on the emerging technologies that are transforming how consumers choose what products to buy, who to buy from and how to pay.

The service is free of charge for readers to access and all contributions are highlighted in the main NFCW website, in our weekly newsletter and on social media, providing contributors with an unrivalled audience in terms of both quality and size.

What are we looking for?

The NFCW Knowledge Centre is designed to provide readers with the very highest quality of learning and all contributions are directly overseen by our editorial team to ensure they meet relevancy, depth and quality guidelines.

Contributions can be made in a wide range of formats, from white papers, interviews and case studies to online conference presentations, Q&A sessions and training opportunities:

  • White papers, case studies and technical papers: Submit your paper to the NFCW Knowledge Centre for uploading for readers to download and view.
  • Presentation slides: Submit a PowerPoint or other presentation for readers to download and view.
  • Slides plus transcript: Talk a member of our editorial team through your conference presentation. We will then prepare a PDF document containing both your slides and an edited transcript of your presentation that readers can download and view.
  • Register as a contributor: Let our editorial team know that you are interested in contributing to reports and/or online events on a particular topic and we’ll get in touch when we are working on a project in your field of expertise.

Core topics of interest

  • Lessons from the frontline: Case studies and presentations that share the lessons learned from running a pilot test or live rollout of an emerging technology.
  • Technical insights: In-depth contributions that explore implementation options, explain how technologies or standards work, or compare and contrast different solutions and approaches. “How to” guides and insights into issues around security, privacy and testing are also welcome.
  • The business case: Analysis of business and consumer adoption drivers, the value proposition, the competitive landscape and business models for merchants, financial institutions, carriers and beyond.
  • Forecasts, surveys and market overviews: Research on the state of the market, trends, and consumer attitudes.

Hot topics

Our editorial team also maintains a regularly updated “hot topics” list that sets out contributions we are particularly keen to receive at a particular time. The current list includes:

  • Host card emulation, tokenization and the future of open loop payments
  • The US market in transition: Disruptive new entrants, the arrival of EMV and the move to mobile
  • Online-to-offline (O2O) technologies: NFC, BLE, QR, augmented reality, biometrics, acoustic and light-based communications, digital watermarks, bio-sensors and more
  • Beyond the smartphone: Wearables, embeddables and future consumer devices
  • Shopper marketing: Interactive advertising, geo-targeting, in-store marketing, mPOS, Bluetooth LE, QR and NFC
  • The new payments rails: P2P, social payments, mobile money, digital currencies, carrier billing and points as payments.

How to contribute

Initial expressions of interest are now invited from readers who would like to share their technical knowledge, lessons learned from running pilots and early rollouts or research on the current and future state of the market.

Email [email protected] to register your interest. Please include details of the topic(s) you’d like to cover and what our readers will learn from your contribution. Our editorial team will review all initial expressions of interest and provide you with feedback.