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Sylvain Fidelis
NFC Marketing & Applications Manager, ST

STMicroelectronics' Sylvain FidelisSylvain Fidelis is the head of marketing and applications for NFC tags and readers at STMicroelectronics, where he is involved in new product development, customer and application support, and standards development.

Sylvain has worked in the semiconductor industry for more than 15 years and has a solid technical background which includes an issued patent on a method for manufacturing RFID tags.

Sylvain is based in France.

Sylvain’s areas of expertise

Sylvain is happy to take questions on all aspects of NFC, RFID and the IoT, including chips, tags, readers and standards, and applications in consumer electronics, automotive, industrial settings, and branding and advertising.

Areas of specialism include , and . Ask a question here.

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