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Laurent Dardé
Marketing Director for Secure Mobile Transactions, NXP

NXP's Laurent DardéLaurent Dardé is the marketing director for secure mobile transactions at NXP Semiconductors. In his more than 18 years in the technology industry he has managed engineering groups in the automotive and consumer segments, with a special emphasis on multimedia, communications, and lifestyle products.

His present position involves developing new markets for secure NFC transactions, such as mobile payment, access management and home automation.

In this role Laurent is responsible for both sides of the transaction; the reader side as well as the tag side. Having a helicopter view of the complete solution ensures devices interoperate properly and facilitates the development of new uses cases by building on the benefits of the given infrastructure.

Laurent’s areas of expertise

Laurent is happy to answer questions around mobile transactions, NFC, reader-side issues and internet of things applications.

Areas of specialism include , and . Ask a question here.

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