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Christian Lackner
Business Segment Manager for Smart Mobility, NXP

Christian Lackner, Business Segment Manager Smart Mobility at NXPChristian Lackner leads NXP’s activities focused on creating clean and green cities through facilitating efficient and safe mobility. He was appointed chairman of the MIFARE4Mobile industry group in 2013.

Previously Christian directed product solutions facilitating new co-operations between banks, governments, players in mobile and the vast number of service providers in the MIFARE ecosystem.

Christian was significantly involved in the creation of a new generation of smart cards with a flexible file and access management system and led a team of engineers developing software solutions for smart cards in banking, e-government and automated fare collection.

Christian’s areas of expertise

Christian is happy to answer questions around NFC applications, HCE, MIFARE, MIFARE4Mobile, RFID tags and account-based ticketing.

Areas of specialism include , and . Ask a question here.

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